What Competence Requirements for Telecommunication Engineer?

Telecommunication Engineer General Overview Designs, constructs, installs, services and supports telecommunication equipment, systems and facilities. Expertise is required in the fields of voice, radio, network, 2-way, data, microwave, satellite and digital data. Skills Listing The ideal candidate possesses a combination of skills and experience in a variety of areas. Below is a list of the most commonly sought after skills, with highly sought after examples listed in brackets. This list is meant as a guide only. Technical Skills •Knowledge of networks (eg. Asynchronous Transfer Mode) •Ability to provide technical support •Ability to create, update and follow protocols •Knowledge of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) •Ability to maintain telecommunication equipment (eg. Satellite) •Knowledge telecommunication technologies (eg. digital, radio) •Maintenance of Telecommunication Equipment •Knowledge of wireless networks (eg. CDMA, GSM) •Knowledge of microwave networks •Knowledge of Wide Area Networks (WAN) Non-Technical Skills •Attention to detail •Client interaction skills •Interpersonal skills •Hands-on approach •Innovative thinking •Results oriented •Self-motivation •Process oriented •Methodical approach •Problem solving skills

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