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Deep Freeze. A computer software commonly used in internet cafe, internet cafe. Deep Freeze function is to secure data and protect data or to prevent undesirable things in the cafe when a computer is used by the client, usually prevents the virus.

Deep Freeze own way of working is to restore the original data such as when the computer is restarted. Simply put, when Deep Freeze is active and the virus attacks the computer, restart your computer. Then all the data we'll be back as before when we set the first time and certainly the virus will automatically disappear.

If we use a computer in a cybercafe that I enable Deep Freeze, then we can not install any software whatsoever. If we install the settings would be back to normal.

To outsmart the tricks that we have to use Deep Freeze how to hack, trick too easy and powerful way to mengHack Deep Freeze in figuring. We simply download the software to break into Deep Freeze. The name of the software is, the Anti Deep Freeze. This software is very powerful tool to break into all versions of Deep Freeze, either version 4, version 5, version 6 as well as evaluation standards. Anti Deep Freeze way this works is to simply disable Deep Freeze itself. Anyway Anti Deep Freeze software is to be powerful my remove, remove, deactivate, and breaking into Deep Freeze.

After you download and install. Furthermore, its use is also very easy way. SIFT live press CTRL ALT F6, it will appear Deep Freeze. Open the Anti Deep Freeze has been installed earlier versions of Deep Freeze and choose what is installed on that computer. Click Apply. Then the computer has been spared from the Deep Freeze.

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