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16 October 2011

How To Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification In Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows Genuine Advantage Nofications is a message informing you that Windows Operating System that you are using does not pass the validation test. Test validation failed because the Windows license is installed on your computer is a Windows copies (pirated) and is not a native Windows. Parties Microsoft to validate when the computer is connected to the internet, then these users to update Windows it uses, or this can also happen if the Automatic Update function is enabled. Computers that fail the validation test on a desktop display contained the words "Windows 7 Build 7600 This copy of Windows is not genuine" as shown below:
If you are using Windows 7 and desktop look exactly like the picture above, you are also exposed to the Windows Genuine Notification Advantege. You can remove the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications on a Windows 7 with Windows 7 using software that can didowload RemoveWAT.2.2.5 here. 
How to use Windows 7 RemoveWat 2.2.5  :
1. Download This File RemoveWat 2.2.5
2. Extract the files Windows 7 Remove Wat 2.2.5 
3. Run RemoveWAT.exe 
4. Click Remove Wat 
5. Click OK 
6. The computer will restart and the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications have been lost from Your Computer as shown below: 


Prevention: Turn off Automatic Update feature to prevent Windows to update automatically. 

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sudra behes said...

thanks man u r awesome.....

Anonymous said...

With the antivirus on, the program cannot run..!!

thegiant said...

You are the, Man! It was quite an annoying situation on my part coz i had bought an Acer PC pre-installed with windows 7 Professional. But the motherboard got messed-up so i had to replace it with a new one. Unluckily perhaps, the OS could not pick up the new Motherboard, so i had to re-install the whole OS. When i tried my product Key, it couldn't work...Microsoft probably detected my PC as a new one.
That's when i started getting these frustrating messages of Microsoft Genuine Advantage. Until i got hold of your WAT remover. Thanx again. I am still puzzled why your WAT remover is not for sale!!!!!

Thank u again.

miru said...

@AnonymousI think this application is not a virus because I have tried everywhere. and has proven to be. i just want to share, what i am know to every one. just it.

@thegiant Its not for sale just for sharing only.... he5x comment .... thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

When I ran this under Administrator priviledges, I installed, restarted my system. Then my system couldn't boot, and just went circling restarting it self. I couldn't recover information on C, so I had to format it. So I stronly discourage downloading this tool.

Tom said...

thank works................

Working Win7 Trick said...

Hey, it's really working, Thanks...

Anonymous said...

i got it..

Anonymous said...

Thank you it works!
You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made get out of the dark Windows background. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


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