What Competence Requirements for Pre-Sales Consultant?

Pre-Sales Consultant General Overview Requires a wide and generalist knowledge of the IT industry in being able to support Account Management and Sales in all technical aspects of the sales cycle, where knowledge of a specific software application or technology is usually required. A Pre-sales Consultant is responsible for the interpretation of functional and technical specifications, problem solving and the resolution of Request for Proposals (RFP) and tenders. The ability to technically interpret and customize applications to suit prospective customer requirements is required, together with a high level of communication skills in being able to confidently present and sell an appropriate solution. Skills Listing The ideal candidate possesses a combination of skills and experience in a variety of areas. Below is a list of the most commonly sought after skills, with highly sought after examples listed in brackets. This list is meant as a guide only. Technical Skills •Broad knowledge of various software applications •Ability to respond to tenders and Request for Proposals (RFP) •Knowledge of Local Area Networks (LAN) •Knowledge of Operating systems (eg. Windows NT) •Ability to analyze user requirements •Knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) •Knowledge of data warehousing •Broad knowledge of telecommunication systems •Knowledge of object oriented programming languages (eg. Java, C++) •Knowledge of Wide Area Networks (WAN) Non-Technical Skills •Presentation skills •Negotiation skills •Client interaction skills •Problem solving skills •Ability to meet deadlines •Ability to work under pressure •Ability to interpret system requirements •Ability to sell •Interpersonal skills •Desire to travel

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